Weclome to Aquaholicspak

In the Aquaholicspak, we are always dedicated to teach a better aerobic. We make sure that every member  here get what they aimed for. 

Our Story

Aquaholics was established in September 2017.

Aqua fitness training is a more specialist mode of exercise because it requires the manipulation gravity as when exercising outside of water.

Because of the buoyancy provided by water and the low or non-impact on the body’s joints, issues or those rehabilitating from injury. Its a comprehensive water fitness training program which incorporates all elements of a general training session, including 

cardiovascular, muscular endurance/resistance and interval training with warm-up and cool down at either ends. The main training exercises are regressed or progressed as appropriate, with equipment such dumbbells, water  noodles etc. As with any workout you can make it as hard as you want. With up tempo, motivating friends, the time flies by.

You do not have to be a swimmer or particularly confident in the water to participate in and  get the most from an aqua fitness session. All sessions can be structured to ensure that participants stay in comfortable contact with the pool floor at all times.

Challenge yourself, surprise yourself. Come give it a go or book a training sessions and experience the time of your life 

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